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La Passe Tout Outre

Passe Tout Outre is a blonde beer at 6.5% ABV, with: * a particularly low sugar level, * a pleasant bitterness and an ever-so-slightly fruity nose. It is characterised by an absence of spice in order to release all of the flavours naturally present in the various types of hops used, which include southern Belgian hops – a source of great national pride!

La Passe Tout Outre
Passe Tout Outre label

La Marcelin

Marcelin Amber is a natural, triple-fermented beer adeptly brewed in the village of Montignies-sur-Rocs in Belgium. This authentic beer has a spicy and fruity bouquet, with a skilful blend of bitterness and caramel.

Bottles of Marcelin
Marcelin label

La St Landric

St Lenderik

A slightly amber and fairly cloudy blonde. Fruity and spicy flavours.


A slightly acid citrus taste combined with hints of herbs and honey. A fruity and spicy blonde beer.

La Blanche Regain

Amber in colour, which after all is the traditional appearance of historical white beers, it has a higher volume of alcohol (6%) than the white beers we are familiar with.

Blanche Regain

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